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29 Aug 2017Telkom-1 experiences outage
22 May 2017Intelsat and Telkom join forces at 157 East
31 May 2016Arianespace plans six Asian satellite launches in 2016
06 Jul 2015PT Telkom awards Kratos contract for master control station
14 Aug 2013Kratos ISI to provide turnkey ground segment for Indonesia's PT Telkom
06 Oct 2008Bidding for Telkom 3 contract to start soon
05 Jan 2007Indonesia's PT Telkom looks east for new bird
17 Nov 2005Ariane 5 ECA successfully completes qualification flights
16 Nov 2005Ariane 5 ECA to try again later today
14 Nov 2005Spaceway 2, Telkom 2 pre-launch details
14 Nov 2005Ariane Flight V167 postponed again
09 Nov 2005Delay of the day: Ariane 5 ECA/Spaceway 2, Telkom 2
03 Nov 2005Launch date set for Spaceway 2 and Telkom 2
26 Oct 2005Spaceway 2 fuelled at Kourou
14 Oct 2005Ariane launches Syracuse 3A and Galaxy 15
04 Aug 2005Arianespace still plans four launches in 2005
01 Aug 2005Delays of the day: SpaceWay 2, Telkom 2, Optus D1
27 Jun 2005INSAT-4A and MSG-2 in August or September
08 Jun 2005Telkom 2: return to sender
07 Jun 2005Update: Spaceway 2, Telkom 2 delayed; iPSTAR earlier
06 Jun 2005Spaceway 2, Telkom 2 delayed; iPSTAR earlier
01 Jun 2005Spaceway 2, Telkom 2 to launch on 25 June
02 May 2005Indonesian satellite boom?
06 Apr 2005Delay of the day: Syracuse 3A, Telkom 2
26 Jan 2005Orbital completes Telkom-2
11 Jan 2005Syracuse 3A, Telkom 2 launch on 15 March
09 Nov 2004Telkom-2 to be launched next February
19 Aug 2004Telkom to launch new satellite by end of 2004
16 Jun 2003Orbital orders Earth station from Globecomm
19 May 2003Orbital orders more C-band LTWTAs from EDD
08 Nov 2002Telkom signs Ariane 5 launch contract
07 May 2002It's Ariane or Delta for Telkom-2, report
23 Apr 2001PT Telkom to launch Telkom 2
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