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03 Apr 2012Orbital receives order for Minotaur I launch vehicle from USAF
30 Jun 2011Minotaur I launches ORS-1 from MARS
29 Apr 2010Orbital receives NRL contract
20 May 2009Minotaur launches experimental U.S. military satellite
18 Nov 2008MicroSat Systems selects Saft's Li-ion batteries for Orbcomm satellites
07 May 2008Sierra Nevada/MicroSat to build Orbcomm's next-gen satellites
17 Jan 2008TacSat 2 completes mission
18 Oct 2007COM DEV to track ships from space
20 Aug 2007Launch updates
26 Apr 2007TacSat-2 satellite gathers imagery despite conflicts as to who is in charge
24 Apr 2007NFIRE launched from Wallops Island
27 Feb 2007Update: TacSat-2 operational after initial trouble
08 Jan 2007TacSat-2 Provides Testbed for New Navigation Sensor
02 Jan 2007TacSat-2 operational after initial trouble
22 Dec 2006Air Force micro-satellite to test tactical data comms
21 Dec 2006Space Micro's Proton100k computer launched into space
19 Dec 2006Linux in space--used for TacSat 2 payload
17 Dec 2006First rocket launched from MARS
15 Dec 2006TacSat 2 cleared for launch
13 Dec 2006TacSat 2 launch further delayed
12 Dec 2006No TacSat 2 launch before Friday
11 Dec 2006TacSat 2 launch put off because of software glitch
08 Dec 2006Spaceport to Launch First Satellites
07 Dec 2006MSI's first satellite ready for launch
07 Dec 2006Spy satellite with area ties to launch
07 Dec 2006GeneSat-1 pre-launch details
06 Nov 2006TacSat-2 pre launch details
04 Aug 2006TacSat 2 to lift off from Wallops Island
25 May 2006Orbital to launch TacSat 2, 3 on Minotaur rockets
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