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Articles in our archive

02 Jul 2018Airbus, United Nations team up for universal access to space
25 Jun 2018Airbus to provide end-to-end Geo-Information System to Thailand
21 Feb 201810 years of laser communications in space
22 Nov 2017PAZ satellite heading towards launch base
14 Jun 2017TerraSARX completes ten years of operations
03 May 2016Airbus Defence and Space signs contract to build Biomass
28 Sep 2015NFIRE decommissioned
26 Sep 2015NFIRE decommissioned
25 Jun 2014ADS unveils first ever multi-satellite Direct Receiving Station
26 Feb 2014ADS signs contract to deliver radar for Kompsat-6
16 Dec 2013Astrium, GeoNorth sign first ever multi-satellite Direct Receiving Station
18 Sep 2013Astrium contract with OHB for the delivery of a reconsat to German military
07 Sep 2012Countdown for next PSLV launch has started
27 Apr 2012Astrium and Hisdesat to establish radar satellite constellation
19 Sep 2011Astrium signs new GMES contract with ESA
25 Jul 2011Astrium to provide satellite imagery for Hong Kong bypass project
19 Jul 2011Workshop: pooled satellite data for maritime surveillance
07 Jan 2011DLR Administrator Prof. W├Ârner about Wikileaks
15 Oct 2010TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X flying in close formation
28 Jun 2010TanDEM-X sends first pictures
21 Jun 2010German radar satellite launched aboard Dnepr
08 Jun 2010TanDEM-X pre-launch details
29 Apr 2010TanDEM-X completes environmental tests
04 Mar 2010TerraSAR-X image of the month: The International Space Station (ISS)
03 Feb 2010NGA buys radar satellite data from EADS North America
06 Nov 2009SSC, Iunctus Geomatics set up PrioraNet Canada
04 Sep 2009TerraSAR-X radar satellite to become a key data source for GMES
15 Jun 2009TerraSAR-X marks two successful years in orbit
10 Jun 2009Construction of TanDEM-X radar satellite completed
19 May 2009Astrium signs strategic partnership agreement with Kazakhstan
18 Jan 2008German commercial radar satellite operational
03 Dec 2007SSC extends contract for TerraSAR-X
23 Aug 2007Kosmotras to stop Dnepr cluster launches
15 Jun 2007Russian rocket launches German commercial spy satellite
11 May 2007Upcoming Baikonur launches: Globalstar, TerraSAR-X
19 Apr 2007News in brief
17 Apr 2007Dnepr return to flight with cluster launch
20 Feb 2007Delay of the day: TerraSAR-X
27 Nov 2006New launch date set for TerraSAR
21 Sep 2006DLR, Astrium sign TanDEM-X contract
18 Sep 2006TerraSAR-X launch comes closer
17 May 2006DLR, Astrium plan new radar satellite
12 Jan 2006DLR to track SMART-1
30 Oct 2005ESA wants money for GMES programme
25 Jul 2005Kosmotras plans upgraded Dnepr versions
17 Nov 2004TerraSAR-X integration has begun
19 Apr 2004EADS North America appoints Vice President Export Controls and Licensing
29 Jan 2003DEMETER on Dnepr 1
12 Apr 2002Astrium to develop TerraSAR-X
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