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Articles in our archive

08 Sep 2016Thuraya finalises plans for next-gen constellation
29 Jul 2009ProtoStar crashes to bankruptcy over slot row
23 Jun 2009Sea Launch files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
23 Sep 2008ProtoStar I troubles may have deepened
22 Jul 2008Whose satellite is this anyway?
23 Jun 2008Boeing hands over Thuraya-3
17 Jun 2008Thuraya says new satellite ready for business
27 Feb 2008Boeing celebrates 2,500 years in orbit
15 Jan 2008Zenit 3SL returns to flight with successful launch of Thuraya 3
14 Jan 2008Next attempt to launch Thuraya-3 on 15 January
03 Jan 2008Sea Launch to try Thuraya-3 launch again
04 Dec 2007Don't move!
27 Nov 2007Sea Launch countdown terminated, vessels to head back home
26 Nov 2007Sea Launch postponed until further notice
23 Nov 2007Sea Launch: next try on Sunday
21 Nov 2007Sea Launch put on indefinite hold again
20 Nov 2007Still no go for Sea Launch
19 Nov 2007Thuraya 3 still waiting for better weather
18 Nov 2007Thuraya 3 launch now planned for Monday
16 Nov 2007News in brief
15 Nov 2007Thuraya 3 launch date rescheduled
14 Nov 2007Launch updates
12 Nov 2007Delays of the day: Ariane 5ECA, Zenit 3SL
01 Nov 2007Sea Launch vessels heading to the equator for Thuraya-3 launch
04 Oct 2007Thuraya 3 shipped to Sea Launch
04 Sep 2007Sea Launch receives Zenit-3SL hardware for next launches
24 Aug 2007Odyssey's new gas deflector has arrived
23 Jul 2007New gas deflector for Sea Launch platform built
09 Jul 2007Thuraya 3 launch set for mid-October
23 Apr 2007Thuraya forms alliance with China Satellite
13 Jun 2006Zenit-3SL to launch Thuraya-3 early next year
30 May 2006Thuraya to launch third satellite in 2007, may order fourth
30 Oct 2005Thuraya 3 launch planned for 2007
01 Nov 2004Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Co. Considering Ways to Finance Third Satellite
02 Aug 2004Thuraya 1 arrives at new slot
02 Jul 2003Saab Ericsson Space delivers Thuraya 3 components
19 May 2003Thuraya 2 on its way
18 Jun 2002Boeing to launch Thuraya-2, build Thuraya-3
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