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08 Oct 2015Launch of Proton-M with Turksat-4B slated for 16 October
31 Mar 2014MELCO completes in-orbit delivery of Turksat-4A satellite
15 Feb 2014Russian rocket launches Turkish satellite made in Japan (part II)
14 Feb 2014Russian rocket launches Turkish satellite made in Japan (part I)
10 Feb 2014Turksat-4A pre-launch details
04 Feb 2014Turksat 4A installed on Briz M upper stage
17 Jan 2014Turksat 4A arrives at Baikonur
15 Jan 2014Two Baikonur launches in February
20 Dec 2013Eutelsat to provide gapfiller satellite for T├╝rksat
19 Dec 2013Briz M delivered to Baikonur to support Turksat 4A mission
27 Jul 2011Turksat turns to GMV for control of its satellites
06 Jun 2011MELCO to double satellite production capacity
05 Apr 2011MELCO puts Turksats on Proton
08 Mar 2011Turkey orders Japanese satellites
28 Aug 2009Turksat to invite bids for new satellite
30 Jun 2009Turkey soon to order new communications satellite
10 Sep 2008Turksat plans two more satellites by 2014
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