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Articles in our archive

29 Aug 2018GSS, Gilat to provide broadband connectivity over Yamal 601 Ka
25 Feb 2015Khrunichev and Gazprom Space Systems to expand strategic co-operation
16 Jul 2014Yamal-201 declared total loss
09 Jun 2014Yet another problem with Yamal 201
22 Jan 2014TAS to build, ILS to launch Yamal-601 for Gazprom Space Systems
21 Dec 2011Temporary outage of Yamal-201
10 Aug 2010Yamal-102 moved to graveyard orbit
25 Nov 2009Gazprom Space Systems reportedly looking for partner
04 Jun 2009Yamal-201 temporarily loses orientation
15 Jan 2009RRsat to distribute two additional TV channels via Yamal-201
01 Aug 2008SatGate takes four transponders at 31.5 degrees East
06 Apr 2007Yamal 201 suffers six-hour outage
15 Dec 2005Insat GmbH doubles orders with Gazkom
02 Nov 2005RRSat on Yamal 202
03 Oct 2005Yamal 202: A Grand Day Out
09 Dec 2003Connexion by Boeing on Yamal-201
24 Nov 2003Two Yamal-200 satellites launched by Proton
21 Nov 2003Yamal-200 pre-launch details
16 Jul 2003News in brief
02 Jul 2003Delay of the day: Yamal 201 and 202
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