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Articles in our archive

20 Jun 2016TAS to supply payloads for Ekspress-80 and Ekspress-103
25 Feb 2015Khrunichev and Gazprom Space Systems to expand strategic co-operation
05 Feb 2015Yamal-401 satellite enters service
15 Dec 2014ILS Proton successfully launches Yamal-401
10 Dec 2014Yamal-401 pre-launch details
09 Dec 2014Russian rockets: 7 launches in next 3 months planned
08 Dec 2014Yamal-401 launch now on 15 December
26 Nov 2014Astra 2G launch postponed, long delay expected
28 Oct 2014Yamal 401 satellite delivered to Baikonur
28 Aug 2014Yamal-401 satellite completed
23 Jul 2013Yamal-401 integration integration commences
28 Dec 2012Satellite payloads delivered to ISS-Reshetnev
06 Nov 2012Yamal-402 satellite arrives at Baikonur launch site
19 Aug 2010Gazprom Space Systems secures funding for new satellites
17 Aug 2010GSS moves Yamal Mission Control Centre
10 Aug 2010Yamal-102 moved to graveyard orbit
28 May 2010Thales Alenia Space starts Yamal-400 programme
03 May 2010ISS-Reshetnev boasts new satellite platforms
26 Jan 2010Thales Alenia Space says it met its objectives for 2009
25 Nov 2009Gazprom Space Systems reportedly looking for partner
08 Apr 2009Arianespace again posts small profit
05 Feb 2009Gazprom, TAS sign Yamal-400 contract
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