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Monday, 1 October 2001

 Boeing 702s have problems with novel solar arrays
 PAS-7 loses 25 percent of power
 QuikTOMS, OrbView 4 lost in Taurus launch failure
 PICOSat, PCSat, Sapphire, Starshine 3
 Atlantic Bird 2
 Delay of the day: Titan 4B
 Ariane 5 to return to flight in January 2002
 Delta IV RS-68 nozzle passes flight certification tests
 Common sales and marketing for Sea Launch, Boeing
 Confusion rises about U.S. launches from Baikonur
 Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria plan regional satellite
 Orbital to construct, launch BSAT-2c
 EMS star trackers on Genesis
 Boeing designs, IBM builds Spaceway ASICs
 Astrolink completes ground segment CDR
 ICO's first satellite operating nominally
 SAT to test Telstar 8 communications payload
 GPS guides airplane
 Russian satellite system \"largely blind and deaf\"
 Temporary licenses for sat-radio repeaters
 No taxes on Californian satellites
 Murdoch reduces cash offer for DirecTV
 EchoStar completes StarBand investment
 Orbimage files for chapter 11
 EMS acquires NetSat28
 Mystery contract for SpaceDev
 DRS buys Boeing Sensors and Electronic Systems
 ESA to help small satcom companies
 TRW pre-selected for Liquid Boosters
 BSkyB switches off last remaining analogue channels
 ClearStream OverNet by Loral CyberStar
 New VoIP satellite network planned
 Energis, Kingston at 28.2 degrees East
 Eastern DTH on Telstar 10
 2002 International Space Symposium to be held in France
 * Now is not the time for a missile shield
 * Murdoch U.S. satellite bid set to crash-land
 * High-tech warfare
 * Digital TV firms mull tie-up
 * Space Ops Contract Faulted For Failing To Save Costs
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