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Wednesday, 9 January 2002

 Koreasat 5 announced
 NASA interested in new fuel cells
 Spectrum Astro builds new satellite manufacturing facility
 Intelsat to integrate ground network systems
 GPS to be classified?
 How military will Galileo be?
 Loral reaches settlement with U.S. government
 Smaller U.S. spy satellites?
 COM DEV wave guide switches for Boeing
 BCE looks for Telesat investor
 Hughes looks for Spaceway partners in Asia Pacific
 VBox buys Satellite Express from BroadLogic
 * NASA chief talks tough
 * Bush science advisor says station needs major reforms
 * Motorola Loses Ruling
 * Plan for cheaper TV choice faces obstacle
 * Freeing Gases For Cheap Fuel Cells With Orbiting Laser Cannons
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