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Thursday, 14 February 2002

 Sirius starts service in four U.S. cities
 WorldSpace shelves AmeriStar
 Thuraya 2 in 2002?
 TIMED operational
 Radarsat tandem to go 3D?
 DigitalGlobe starts selling satellite imagery
 EMCORE buys Tecstar solar cell business
 Mentergy to sell satellite services division
 Loral Space & Communications 4Q 2001 results
 EMS Technologies 4Q 2001 results
 NEC Toshiba employee uses NASDA computer for industrial espionage
 FCC urged to limit interference from radar detectors
 OpenTV counts boxes
 SES expects big deal for Astra 1H Ka-band service
 Two Anik F3 transponders reserved for remote areas
 * Technical glitches may delay shuttle liftoff
 * Eutelsat Reviews Orders, Seeks Acquisitions
 * U.S. Navy Wireless System Backs Up Security at Olympics
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