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Monday, 15 April 2002

 Last Titan rockets completed
 Atlantic Bird 1 looking for launch opportunity
 Tongasat purchases gapfiller for 70 degrees East slot
 NSS-7 pre-launch details
 Lockheed receives extension for GPS III study
 Australian launch sites (Part 4,408)
 Northrop offers almost 13 percent more for TRW
 Hughes Electronics results 1Q 2002
 BT announces trial for unidirectional Internet via satellite
 Telesat offers VSAT Internet for businesses in Canada, U.S.
 * Bird in the Hand
 * Industry Insight: Satellite spat
 * Space-industry panel: Profits must go higher
 * Taikonauts are go
 * Link to an external article that may or may not be available any more

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