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Tuesday, 19 November 2002

 Delay of the day: Delta IV/Eutelsat W5
 Mini shuttle flies third time
 Breakthrough in solar technology reported
 Astra 1K pre-launch details
 China's ZY-2 undergoing on-orbit tests
 EchoStar gets Ka-band license back
 Northrop sells TRW Automotive
 The Spaceconnection takes five transponders on Galaxy IIIC
 Final report on U.S. aerospace industry published
 * Report: U.S. Aerospace Dominance Threatened
 * US urged to push ahead on space travel
 * Recommendations issued for revitalising U.S. space industry
 * Pressure builds for Delta 4's 1st launch
 * Delta 4 debuts
 * Boeing's reputation rides on rocket
 * Delta IV flight could affect its chance for NASA use
 * O'Keefe Says SLI's 90 percent Launch Cost Reduction Goal Was Unrealistic
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