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Monday, 24 November 2003

 Two Yamal-200 satellites launched by Proton
 First test flight of Soyuz 2 planned for 2004
 Estrela do Sul arrives at Sea Launch Home Port
 Metop FM-1 electromagnetic compatibility tests completed
 Alenia Spazio to deliver Ekspress MD payloads
 Orbital awarded another GOES-R architecture study
 NASA's New Horizons mission team plans Jupiter encounter
 Court approves acquisition of Globalstar by Thermo
 EU, India to sign Galileo contract soon
 ATK to acquire hypersonic flight businesses from Allied Aerospace
 Andrew acquires Channel Master LLC assets
 RL10 rocket engine celebrates 40 years of flight
 Boeing fires CFO, names James Bell acting CFO
 Cold Turkey
 * NASA Proposes $300 Million Tug To Deorbit Hubble
 * NASA may automate shuttles to haul cargo
 * O'Keefe fears cutbacks could delay space station schedule
 * O'Keefe criticizes Congress over cuts
 * Officials Say ISS Funding Not Enough
 * Sale of DirecTV Advances
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