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Monday, 12 January 2004

 Star of the South: from the equator into space
 SpaceX to build rocket with 'engine out' capability
 Saab Ericsson Space wins order for command and data handling system
 Cause for H-2A failure found, report
 Beagle 2 remains silent
 * Space station leak cause found
 * Crew finds ‘culprit’ in space station leak
 * Russia extends space site lease
 * Spectrum Astro expands
 * Honeywell's in the Spirit
 * Wind River 'brains' run Mars probe
 * Rover's roll-off date shifts
 * Rover's Grand Exit Gets Dress Rehearsal
 * Analysis: Rover bounced 24 times
 * To boringly go where they've gone before
 * Presidential Directive Calls for Sweeping Changes at NASA
 * Russia May Deserve Role In Space Plan, Lawmaker Says
 * Re-focus on moon poses significant financial, safety risks
 * NASA chief talks up space initiative
 * Budget concerns to dog Bush space vision
 * Some Lawmakers Wary of Plan
 * Bush plan may spell shuttle's end
 * Contractors Hope Initiatives Revive Space Business
 * Expanded space program is good for business in Md.
 * Space quest a boon to state
 * Vision solidifies Cape's significance
 * How High the Moon?
 * Nasa returns to Apollo in quest for the perfect craft
 * 'Where?' answered; 'How?' unclear
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