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Monday, 1 March 2004

 Rosetta launch attempts 3 and 4
 Sea Launch and Inmarsat sign launch agreement
 Honeywell and Synopsys co-develop design flow for rad-hard ACSICs
 EMS Technologies results 2003
 News in brief
 Loral Skynet offers Telstar 10 capacity for occasional use in Asia
 Internet Satellite Platform expands lines of business
 News in brief
 British public fears new U.S. space race but supports space exploration
 Vance Coffman announces retirement plans
 * Premature Death for the Hubble
 * Huntsville man's plan features a rescue tug
 * Satellite maker enters a new orbit
 * Private firms bid to finance Nigeria’s satellite project
 * India Advances Lunar Mission Launch to 2007
 * ISRO sales pitch: give us 10 kg, we’ll fly it to the moon for free
 * Revision 1 to NASA's Implementation Plan for ISS Continuing Flight
 * NASA report proposes fixes
 * NASA Report Says Problems Plague Space Station Program
 * Space station inspections inadequate, NASA report says
 * What's the frequency, Jacques?
 * Mission to Planet Rumsfeld
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