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Tuesday, 11 May 2004

 Intelsat buys Atlas launch from ILS
 NASA chooses two architectures for Terrestrial Planet Finder
 NCUBE to be launched in autumn 2004
 Nigerian government allocates funds for NigeriaSat-II
 Lockheed Martin's Comsat General to be acquired by Intelsat
 Intelsat results Q1 2004
 Globecomm results Q3 FY2004
 SpaceDev results Q1 2004
 Spacehab results Q3 FY2004
 Kongsberg wins data download contract from Honeywell STI
 Teal Mission Model counts 1,209 space payloads proposed through 2013
 Astras reach 4 out of 5 European satellite homes
 * Europe space shuttle passes first test
 * Europe's space shuttle passes early test
 * For President's Moon-to-Mars Commission, Now Comes the Hard Part
 * James Barrett, 72, Dies; Insured Commercial Satellites
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