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Thursday, 17 June 2004

 Proton lofts Mega-Intelsat
 Vessels on their way for next Sea Launch
 Northrop Grumman to define military space plane
 Lockheed, Northrop complete TCM space systems review
 MD Robotics to rescue Hubble?
 L-3 Communications acquires two products companies
 U.S. gov't demand for commercial satellite communications to grow - study
 Submarines link to milsats with Raytheon Sub HDR
 * ISRO developing advanced version of GSLV
 * Panel Says Bush's Space Goals Are Feasible
 * Radical shake-up of NASA proposed
 * NASA needs launch vehicle with heavy-lift capabilities
 * Bush has a bold, clear vision
 * Mars plan mired in ho-hum
 * Patent suits hit cable, satellite giants
 * Communication Satellite Would Crash Cost of Bandwidth - Minister
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