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Monday, 19 September 2005

 NASA to resume work at Michoud assembly facility
 Delay of the day I: Delta II/GPS IIR-M1
 Delay of the day II: Kosmos 3M cluster launch
 Harris LAMDAs for U.S. military
 Jones Radio Networks stays on AMC-8
 C-COM receives order for mobile satellite units
 Globecomm Systems Receives Fifth Award under IDIQ contract
 * NASA unveils details of return to the moon
 * NASA outlines $104 billion moon mission plan
 * Nasa plans return to Moon by 2020
 * NASA's New Moon Plans: 'Apollo on Steroids'
 * NASA estimates $104 billion for return to moon
 * Aero-Views: NASA Intends To Return To The Moon
 * Pentagon May Slash Boeing Contract
 * Satellite duo to probe clouds and aerosols
 * Smallsats and standardization
 * Space too small for 3 satellite operators
 * Virginia company to buy assets of Space Imaging
 * Hurricane Costs May Squeeze Air Force Space Acquisition Program
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