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Wednesday, 30 November 2005

 ALOS launch scheduled for 19 January
 Boeing strike, other issues delay CALIPSO/CloudSat
 Falcon 1 delayed until NET 17 January
 Landsat 5 experiencing technical difficulties
 First Galileo satellite travelled to launch site
 Kazakhstan's space plans
 France Telecom to sell satellite communications unit
 Swales Aerospace appoints interim CEO
 EchoStar names Chief Technical Officer
 Canadian military deploys MDA's satellite information solution
 * Major Shifts Flow From NPOESS Polar Satellite Program \"Crisis\"
 * Thruster problem may scupper Hayabusa's return to Earth
 * Iran trying to bolster its space program
 * NASA probes safe repair of space station solar panels
 * Air Force ANGELS: Satellite Escorts to Take Flight
 * Eutelsat reveals flotation detail
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