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Monday, 22 January 2007

 Anomaly I: Falcon 1 launch pushed back to February
 Anomaly II: False alert stopped cryogenic test
 Russia to close Svobodny
 Business as usual: Angara further delayed
 Indian space capsule successfully recovered
 Columbus passes flight readiness review
 GeoEye cameras delivered but launch delayed
 AAS says 2006 was 'exceptional'
 News in brief
 GenCorp (Aerospace and Defense) results FY 2006
 MSV to use GPS in hybrid phone network
 Harris successfully makes satellite call
 * Anti-satellite weapon used simple technology
 * China's clutter is not lost in space
 * China's Asat Test Will Intensify U.S.-Chinese Faceoff in Space
 * A space weapons race is not the answer for America
 * Responding to China's antisatellite test
 * U.S. Tries to Interpret China's Silence Over Test
 * What now for China's ambitions? Watch this space
 * Blinding Ourselves in Space
 * Report Urges Reinvestment in Earth Observation Missions
 * Paperwork extends Dnepr rocket's recovery from failure
 * Galileo project 'hindering' phone sat-nav rollout
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