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Friday, 29 March 2013

 WGS-5 launch aboard a Delta IV confirmed for 8 May
 China to launch high-res Earth-observation satellite in April
 ESA and CNES sign contract on Europe's Spaceport
 MDA signs contract to support Canadian robotics on ISS
 Digital Networks enhances service offering with Intelsat's hybrid solution
 Italian authorities withdraw authorisation for MUOS ground station
 * Fast-Track Soyuz TMA-08M Crew Arrives at Space Station - UPDATE
 * Successful ignition of indigenous cryogenic engine
 * China's Long March 5 Will Not Launch Until 2015
 * Orbital's private launch may show whether NASA made right call
 * Musk: SpaceX to Attempt Falcon 9 First Stage Water Landing
 * Protecting the Power Grid From Solar Storms
 * How salty is that seawater? Ask the Aquarius satellite
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