...saves time:

Since 1997, Sat-ND (Satellite News Digest) collects, archives and cross-references freely available news about satellites, adding analysis or commentary where appropriate.

There may also be some exclusive news occasionally, but the main idea behind this service is to save the reader some time by collecting facts, not to be the first to break a rumour.

Most of Sat-ND content may be available from other sources on the Internet... but not from one single source, and most certainly not in a newsletter delivered to you every weekday.

In addition, our vast archive lets you put current news into perspective.

...focuses on satellites:

Sat-ND is most definitely not one of those "space" sites that fill page after page with press releases on Mars bacteria or UFO sightings.

It is strictly focusing on satellite-related stories. Emphasis is put on telecommunications satellites, and of course the launch vehicles needed to put them in orbit. Suborbital launches and space tourism are beyond the scope of this newsletter.

...is independent:

Sat-ND is not affiliated with any company or organisation.

Funding solely relies on subscription revenues. Advertisements or sponsorships are not accepted.