Sat-ND + TSE Combo Subscription

Satellite News Digest has teamed up with The Satellite Encyclopedia (TSE) to bring you a comprehensive solution that combines our news services with the profound technical background information compiled by TSE since 1994. This is by far the easiest way to get a complete overview on satellite technology present and past — covered by a single subscription at a special price. You will save at least 15% with this combo offer over two separate subscriptions.

By subscribing, you will not only benefit from all Satellite News Digest services (newsletter, access to the archive) but also gain access to TSE's vast satellite database, which is regularly updated.

Please note that you can order this combo subscription only at the TSE website. The current subscription fees are

The License Terms for Satellite News Digest [single-user] [multi-user] apply to the Sat-ND part of this combo offer.