E-mail services

Would you like to receive Satellite News Digest via e-mail (individual license) or have it delivered to an unlimited number of employees every weekday (company license)?

No problem. Three versions are available to subscribers.

  • The PDF (Portable Document Format) version contains fully functional bookmarks for easy navigation within the document, all articles, external links and links to past articles of relevance in our archive. Every article starts on a new page, enabling easy printing of single articles.
  • The "full-text" version offers generally the same content in text-only format.
  • The "light" version contains only the headline and a summary for each article, plus a link to the complete story on the Web, in text-only format.

The PDF versions requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, Version 4 or newer. The two text versions are sent as plain text and should be readable with any e-mail client.

The welcome message, which will be sent to you after purchasing a license, contains information how to receive our e-mail services.

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