Free Intranet Services for Company Customers

Content from Satellite News Digest for your intranet: how does it work?

The company license covers the delivery of the e-mail version of the newsletter to an unlimited number of company e-mail addresses.

Upon request we can also deliver Sat-ND content in a format specified by you, which makes it easier to integrate the contents with your own intranet services. This service comes at no additional cost.

The basic idea is that you tell us what you want, and we'll do it.

Specifiy a format (usually one HTML page per news item), and we do the custom programming neeeded to create the output. The result can be delivered to you in a number of ways, for instance as attachment(s) via e-mail or per FTP upload. Integration of the delivered contents with your intranet would again be your responsibility.

The delivery of single pages allows you to easily pick the content you want to publish in your intranet. In addition, we can send you a list of headlines in every issue. A stand-alone service with an index page and a table of contents on every page is also available, if you prefer to carry Satellite News Digest in its entirety on your intranet.

We can adapt the design of the pages to practically anything you want provided you send us a sample page or file, in case you run an XML-based system, or even if you use a proprietary format. Send us a template, and we'll try our best to adapt our output.

Here are some of the standard elements that are available and can be placed anywhere within the output:

This service covers the news updates posted every weekday but does not include the whole archive, which is available on the World Wide Web to license owners.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us to discuss technical details before making any payment. Please don't hesitate to send any special wishes regarding this service; this page contains only a few examples of what such are service might look like.