Launch vehicle Kosmos 3M
Launch site Plesetsk, Russia
Date/Time 2005-10-27 0625 UTC
Description Satellite separation failure
Payload Mozhayets-5
Desired orbit circular, 680 km Sun-synchronous

The experimental Mozhayets-5 satellite failed to separate from the Kosmos-3M rocket after launch and is most likely lost.

"According to the latest telemetric data, the Mozhayets has not detached from the third stage of the Kosmos-3M carrier rocket and is currently rotating with it on a near-earth orbit," a Plesetsk cosmodrome official said, according to Itar-Tass.

The satellite's operator, the Mozhayskiy Military Space Academy, had earlier confirmed that all attempts to establish contact with Mozhayets-5 had been unsuccessful.

Mozhayets-5 was designed by students of the academy to test laser-optic communications. Two similar satellites, Mozhayets-3 and Mozhayets-4, are already in orbit.

Seven other small satellites were launched together with Mozhayets-5. "All of them have been successfully placed in the prescribed orbits and their control transferred to the customers," the Plesetsk official was quoted as saying.

Last updated: 29 October 2005

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