Summary: 10 Oct 2021 - 14 Oct 2021


NewOneWeb constellation more than 50% complete after Soyuz launch
14 Oct 2021 - Rocket: Soyuz 2.1b/Fregat; Payload: 36 One Web satellites; Date: 14 October 2021, 0940 UTC; Launch site: Vostochny, Russia. The mission lasted three hours and 51 minutes. The 36 satellites were deployed during nine separation sequences at an altitude of 450 km. >>>

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NewChina launches Solar Explorer satellite
14 Oct 2021 - Rocket: Chang Zheng 2D; Payload: CHASE (Chinese Hα Solar Explorer), eight secondary satellites; Date: 14 October 2021, 1051 UTC; Launch site: Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, China. The 508-kilogram satellite entered a Sun-synchronous orbit about 517 kilometers above Earth, according to a statement from the China National Space Administration. >>>

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Astra announces LV0007 launch window for the USSF
13 Oct 2021 - Astra Space, Inc. announced a commercial orbital launch on behalf of the United States Space Force. The launch vehicle, LV0007, will carry a test payload for the Space Test Program's second mission STP-27AD2. >>>

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James Webb Space Telescope arrives in French Guiana
12 Oct 2021 - The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has arrived safely at Pariacabo harbour in French Guiana. ESA in close collaboration with NASA will now prepare this once in a generation mission for its launch on Ariane 5 from Europe's Spaceport this December. >>>

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Green light for satellite launch site in Norway
12 Oct 2021 - Andøya Space will receive approved financing with a total value of NOK366 million (€37 million, US$43 million). With this financial support, the Norwegian government gives the green light to establish a launch site for small satellites on Andøya, Norway. >>>

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Varda Space Industries to launch aboard Falcon 9 rideshare mission
12 Oct 2021 - In-space manufacturing company Varda Space Industries announced that it has signed a Launch Services Agreement with SpaceX to launch its initial space factory aboard a SpaceX rideshare mission, deploying to low Earth orbit in Q1 2023. >>>

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Next OneWeb launch set for 14 October
11 Oct 2021 - The next Arianespace mission is planned from Vostochny Cosmodrome with Soyuz on 14 October at 0940 UTC to deliver 36 satellites into orbit, bringing the total OneWeb's fleet to 358 satellites in Low Earth Orbit. >>>

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OneWeb to launch satellites on Indian rockets
11 Oct 2021 - Bharti-backed OneWeb announced an arrangement through Letter of Intent with NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), the commercial arm of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), to use the Indian-built PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) and the heavier GSLV-MkIII (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) as potential platforms to launch OneWeb's satellites in India from 2022. >>>

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Rocket Lab Launch operations underway for two BlackSky missions
11 Oct 2021 - Rocket Lab USA, Inc. has announced it has scheduled two dedicated launches in November for Spaceflight Inc.'s customer, real-time geospatial and global monitoring company BlackSky. >>>

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NASA's SLS passes key review for Artemis I mission
10 Oct 2021 - NASA has completed the design certification review (DCR) for the Space Launch System Program (SLS) rocket ahead of the Artemis I mission to send the Orion spacecraft to the Moon. >>>

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Four Angara flights from Plesetsk planned in 2022
10 Oct 2021 - Two launches of Angara-A5 heavy rocket and two launches of its light class are planned to be carried out from the Plesetsk cosmodrome next year, Russian Aerospace Force commander Colonel-General Sergey Surovikin said. >>>

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NewSpaceLink selects OHB as preferred tenderer for satellite contract
14 Oct 2021 - SpaceLink announced it has reached a significant milestone in the manufacture and launch of the initial constellation of four high-capacity optical relay satellites. Following a comprehensive tender process, OHB Systems AG has been selected as the preferred tenderer for the initial constellation. >>>

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NewL3Harris selected for second major U.S. weather satellite study
14 Oct 2021 - NASA has selected L3Harris Technologies to conduct a second advanced study to significantly improve the accuracy and timeliness of U.S. weather forecasting. >>>

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NewAAC Clyde to provide command and data handling unit to OHB Sweden
14 Oct 2021 - AAC Clyde Space has been contracted by OHB Sweden to deliver its Sirius command and data handling unit worth approx. €545,000 to ESA's Arctic Weather Satellite. >>>

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General Atomics completes NASA Deep Space Atomic Clock mission
13 Oct 2021 - General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) announced the completion of the successful NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Deep Space Atomic Clock (DSAC) mission. >>>

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Orbit Fab, U.S Air Force sign CRADA for on-orbit refuelling technology
13 Oct 2021 - Orbit Fab has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Space Vehicle Directorate, and the Spacecraft Technology Division to advance on-orbit refuelling technology. >>>

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Welding operations start for Axiom space station at TAS
13 Oct 2021 - Thales Alenia Space said its Turin plant recently took a major step forward in the construction of the primary structure of the Axiom commercial space station's first module. >>>

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Planet Labs plans next-gen imaging satellites
12 Oct 2021 - Planet Labs announced that it plans to launch a new fleet of satellites so powerful they can distinguish road markings on the ground. Planet, which already operates 200 Earth observation satellites from space, wants to make the new function available in 2023. >>>

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ICEYE commercial satellites join the EU Copernicus programme
12 Oct 2021 - ESA signed a contract that brings the ICEYE constellation of small satellites into the fleet of missions contributing to Europe's Copernicus environmental monitoring programme. >>>

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HawkEye 360's third satellite cluster begins commercial operations
12 Oct 2021 - The third cluster of satellites launched by HawkEye 360 Inc., the world's first commercial company to pioneer radio frequency (RF) data and analytics from space-based satellites, has achieved initial operating capability and has begun to deliver RF data and insights to clients. >>>

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ESA contracts with SSTL for HydroGNSS climate mission
11 Oct 2021 - Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) and the European Space Agency (ESA) have signed a contract for HydroGNSS, a 55-kg small satellite to measure climate change variables. >>>

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SSTL to improve data throughput for small EO satellites
11 Oct 2021 - Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) has secured European Space Agency InCubed programme financial and technical support to demonstrate a high throughput, flexible and intelligent payload downlink chain for small Earth Observation satellites. >>>

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Galileo satellites arrive at Europe's Spaceport
10 Oct 2021 - The latest pair of Galileo satellites, FM 23 and 24, have touched down at Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana, ahead of their launch together next month. >>>

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Russia's GLONASS satellites to get rid of foreign components by 2026
10 Oct 2021 - All GLONASS-K2 satellites will be made exclusively of Russian-made components by 2026, with the import substitution to be expanded to other spacecraft, the satellite's manufacturer said. >>>



Airbus Zephyr S completes test season
11 Oct 2021 - The Airbus Zephyr S completed a successful 2021 test flight campaign in the United States. The final Airbus solar-powered High Altitude Platform System (HAPS) flight touched down on 13 September in Arizona, USA, ending the most ambitious and successful Zephyr flight campaign to date. >>>

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Hungary's 4iG telecom group acquires control of Spacecom
12 Oct 2021 - Spacecom, owner-operator of the Amos satellite fleet, announced that it and Hungary's 4iG Plc., the Hungarian information technology and telecommunications company, have signed the agreement in which 4iG is acquiring a majority stake (51%) in Spacecom, through a private shares placement. >>>

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Rocket Lab acquires space software company Advanced Solutions, Inc
12 Oct 2021 - Rocket Lab USA, Inc. announced it has completed the acquisition of Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI), a Colorado-based aerospace engineering firm delivering mission proven space software, mission simulation and test systems, and Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) solutions, for US$40 million plus the potential for an additional US$5.5 million performance earnout based on CY 2021 results. >>>

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Thuraya secures AED316 million distribution contracts
10 Oct 2021 - Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PJSC announced that its Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) subsidiary, Thuraya Telecommunications Company PJSC has secured long-tem agreements with a global service provider for a total value in excess of AED316 million (US$86 million) over the next three years. >>>

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NewLeaf Space adds five new ground stations to global network
14 Oct 2021 - Leaf Space, a provider of ground segment as-a-service (GSaaS) solutions, announced that the company is adding five ground stations to the company's global Leaf Line Network. The new stations will be installed in West and South Australia, British Columbia, Iceland and Bulgaria further increasing Leaf Space's capability to provide GSaaS solutions to its customers. >>>

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