Whatever happened to Sat-ND?

Dear Readers and Friends;

I am deeply sorry I did not have an earlier opportunity to let you know what has happened.

Earlier this year, I had to attend hospital for a few weeks and had no opportunity to continue work from there.

It turned out that attempts to restore the service afterwards ran into deep problems technically. It's at this point where we stand today.

The current plan is to restore the service some time later this year as a non-commercial offer available to all existing readers, free of any charge at least for a year. When exactly this will be possible is however depending on many factors beyond my control.

Please pass this message on to anybody who may be interested.

Please accept my deep apologies for what has happened.

Technical details

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at pklanowski@sat-nd.com for any questions you may have.

You can still access the archive at http://sat-nd.com/index2.php – no password required.

sat-nd.com will be the central web site. Backup sites will be closed, domains deleted.